Being safe everywhere, in everything we do, isn't just about looking after our people. It's about keeping our customers, contractors and business partners safe as well. We are a family owned business so we know the importance of safety for all stakeholders as well as their families.

Being safe everywhere

Our vision is for zero injuries, zero harm to anyone and zero tolerance of unsafe acts or work space. And it's our reminder every day that safety starts with each of us. This is true for the workplace as well as home so each of us can ensure we can continue to work to our best ability.

For us, safety is the most important core value. At Huntlys, we always prioritise safety - no matter what. We have training, policies, management plans and other resources in place to make sure everything is covered.


Huntlys have 48 vehicles in our fleet. Because of the distance that we travel and the types of vehicles that we have, we know we have a responsibility to everyone on the roads, and off, to drive safely and be aware of our surroundings.

Just a few ways we tackle road safety for our staff and contractors include:

  • training programs on alcohol and drugs, managing fatigue and reducing the risk of injury
  • random drug and alcohol testing for drivers
  • education around common hazards, including wet weather, roundabouts and blind driveways, construction sites etc

Policies and Procedures

At Huntlys we have policies and procedures in place to ensure everyone is doing the right thing. We also understand that other companies that we work with have policies and procedures as well that must be abided by.

Huntlys staff have a tool box talk each month, or when required, to discuss new processes not only for our company, but for our clients as well.

Our safety record really does speak for itself.